Hicks, David G., MD

Specialty: Breast
David G. Hicks, MD, is the Director of Surgical Pathology at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Dr. Hicks’ innovative approaches to improving efficiency and quality in surgical pathology have been highlighted in publications and invited lectures sponsored by national pathology organizations. His organizational interests are in the development of a subspecialty-based surgical pathology system, combining disease-specific diagnostic and prognostic expertise with translational research based on organ systems and disease categories. Dr. Hicks’ first research interest was in bone pathology. He received NIH funding to study the effects of lead on the epiphyseal plate, and collaborated on related studies with faculty in the Department of Orthopaedics at the University of Rochester. He published extensively on metabolic and neoplastic bone disorders. While Director of Surgical Pathology and Co-director of the Morphologic Molecular Pathology translation research resource at the Cleveland Clinic, he expanded his interests in breast pathology, with particular focus on prognostic molecular markers in breast cancer and development of advanced tissue-based diagnostic techniques. Dr. Hicks is the co-lead author for the Amirsys Breast Pathology Team. Affiliations: Director of Surgical Pathology, University of Rochester Medical Center Amirsys Publications: